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Corey LaJoie

3rd LaJoie Generation Professional
Race Car Driver

Racecar Seats: "Full Custom" Line of Race Seats by The Joie of Seating

Twelve years ago, Randy LaJoie two-time Busch series champion had an idea that turned into a dream. LaJoie began manufacturing seats for race cars, and his company, The Joie of Seating - was started. Randy has come up with a stamped, molded aluminum seat that fits 95 percent of a driver’s body that he says, “has revolutionized the aluminum seat market.”

When Randy was driving there was no one in the racing seat business who would build a seat that suited him. He wanted a custom form fitted seat, like the Mark Donahue design that Don LaJoieDon LaJoie, Randy’s father, purchased and retro fitted to a modified car and made out of fiberglass. NASCAR outlawed fiberglass in 1992. No one in the industry would build a custom fitted seat – NOT A SQUARE SEAT.

To me custom fitted didn’t mean sitting on a bench; that’s why I patented a “Sizing Fixture” to accurately measure a driver. Eastover Manufacturing does all of the forming via stampings for the only “really custom race seat” on the market. 

“The energy absorption is better with my seat, if you do get in a crash,” stated Randy. “It’s not only more comfortable, but I’ve done stuff with my stampings to make it very strong. I’ve learned myself, because I’ve been a crash test dummy for quite a few years, and I know I feel a whole lot better on Monday mornings since I started stiffening my seats than when I would bounce all over the place.”

“Once you start looking at the videos from crashes, you can see how much movement you have in the car.” click pic for enlarged viewIn 2001 NASCAR’s attention turned towards safety for the drivers, working with manufacturers to help improve the driver’s safety system. In 2007, Randy hit the road. A “Safer Racer Tour” was created; in which he’ll go around the country preaching the value of safety to competitors and track operators.

“I am going to go to these tracks and I am going to talk about all kinds of safety issues, such as properly mounted seats and belts” LaJoie has said. “I am going to stand there as these cars to through inspection. Some of these guys may not like me much. But, I’m going.” “When I read about somebody getting hurt or killed, it makes me sick.”

“We’ve got kid seats patterned after my kids when they were 11 years old,” said LaJoie, who has two teenagers racing. “We have a lease program, because one year I had to build my 11 year old three seats because he had outgrown them. According to Randy “It’s not really fair for the parents when kids outgrow the seat, they have to buy another one. With our lease program, you can trade it in for a bigger seat with minimum costs.”

These days Randy can be seen at local tracks, on ESPN, commentating a race, or you can listen to him on Sirius radio.

Check out our calendar to see when he’s coming to a town nearest you!



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Race Fast ~ Safely & Comfortably in a Racing Seat
Custom Made for You by The Joie of Seating

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Race Fast ~ Safely & Comfortably in a Racing Seat Custom Fitted for You by The Joie of Seating!

High Performance Aluminum Seats for Racing and other Extreme Duty Applications
Manufactured in the USA by The Joie of Seating - Concord, North Carolina

The Joie of Seating is proud to be the Official Seat Supplier for the Andretti - Gordon Racing School

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