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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to provide answers below to several of the most common questions people ask about The Joie of Seating and our products. If you have a question not addressed here, please call our Customer Service Dept. at 704-795-7474.

  • Question: I'd like to order in person. Since I don't live near your factory in Concord, North Carolina, what are my seat ordering options?
    Answer: JOS dealers/distributors, visit us at races, racing trade shows, Safer Racer seminars or use our quick & convenient Online Seat Order Form

    frequently asked questions about Race Seats & The Joie of Seating
  • Question: I just got my new Joie of Seating race seat
    and I'm ready to install it. Where can I get some
    details about this?

    Answer: check out our
    Seat Mounting Guidelines (PDF)

  • Question: My child started racing young and is growing like a weed. I'm concerned about investing money into a youth race seat that my kid will outgrow in a year or two. I heard you can "lease your children's seats". Can you please tell me more about race seat leasing?
    Answer: This program is called
    The Spencer Clark Child Development Program.  It is a simple trade in program which starts with the purchase of a new or used seat and as your child grows you can trade up for a bigger seat or a seat for a different division.  The cost in this program is minimal depending on the seat. » click here details

  • Question: Can you please elaborate on the payment process for ordering a race seat?
    Answer: We require 50% at the time of the order and the balance is due prior to the seat shipping.

  • Question: What color and seat covering (fabric) options do I have?
    Answer: Several, please refer to our Online Seat Order Form for colors.  Flames or embroidery are the only options that have additional fees.

  • Question: I know you guys make a great product, but what if I get my seat and it doesn't fit right. Since I'm emailing my measurements with my order, do you offer any sort of guarantee that the seat will fit me properly?
    Answer: This is one of the reasons that we require photos whenever a customer sizes themselves. 99% of our seats fit perfectly upon arrival, however, we will do whatever possible to correct problems if they arise.

  • Question: What's involved in replacing my existing LaJoie racing seat with a new one?
    Answer:  Customers may trade in any Joie of Seating seat for a new one.  Trade in value varies per seat, please contact us for further information.

  • Question: If I order my seat now, can I buy the Safer System separately in the future and install it myself?
    Answer: Our Safer System only works with other seats made by other manfucturers.

  • Question: I'm looking for other auto racing related products & services. Any suggestions?
    Answer: Check out our LINKS page for information on & website links to "friends of Randy LaJoie and The Joie of Seating".

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High Performance Aluminum Seats for Racing and other Extreme Duty Applications
Manufactured in the USA by The Joie of Seating - Concord, North Carolina

The Joie of Seating is proud to be the Official Seat Supplier for the Andretti - Gordon Racing School

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