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Testimonials about the Racing Seats by The Joie of Seating

WHY Are LaJoie Racing Seats
Considered The Best?

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What's the real VALUE of LaJoie Race Seats?

My name is Steve Grotz, I live in Quincy, Ill. I broke my back in 3 places in May of 2008, in a racing accident. The first thing my DR. told me as he was putting the halo on, "if you would of had a HANS device and a decent seat, you wouldn't be wearing this halo ."

I did not race any of 2008, and three nights of 2009. In Sept. or Oct. of 2009, I went to Pevely, Mo. I55 to watch the races, Randy Lajoie had his seat display and HANS devices displayed, I met Johnny Love and he fitted me for a LaJoie seat and a HANS device.

I started racing again in 2010 in a new Bob Pierce Modified, raced all season, had no problems, felt very secure with the seat and the HANS device. I ended my season at Eldora at the UMP Fall Nationals, and had a real bad accident , I T-boned another car, wide open, no time to stop, and the HANS device and the seat were unreal. I had no back or neck pain at any time! I felt the HANS hold me in the car safely and securely.

I feel like all sanctioning bodies should insist on a safety seat and a HANS device; make it mandatory. It will keep you safe and secure. I hope whomever reads this will purchase a Lajoie seat and a HANS device....well worth every penny.

Thank you again Lajoie seats and HANS.
Steve Grotz

JUNE 2010: I Can't Afford a Good Race Seat because I need new tires, new shocks, new...

Week ago Friday night, Rick got seriously chopped at the fastest part of the back stretch by another car, which forced the nose of Rick's car first into the inside concrete wall, disabled the steering after a hard hit, then flung him out into the outside wall. Another car had nowhere to go, and piled into the wreck.

Rick took, by far, the hardest hits of the wreck--at least three of them, and a lot of people thought he was going to be hurt, but he climbed out of the car in a hurry, because he saw that the guy who'd run into him was slumped over the wheel, unconscious. Dave came to by the time the ambulance got to the wreck and other than a headache (concussion, probably) is okay. Was back at the track this week.

Here's the difference between the two: Rick has a Joie of Seating seat and rode out the wreck with not even a hiccup. Dave has a seat like Rick had last year--no real support, certainly no head support.

Rick would never have bought a Lajoie seat because he's like 90% of the short track drivers--always need tires and new shocks to go fast and that's as far as his dementia-addled brain will think. Thanks to one of our dearest friends, Dick Berggren, his misguided brain rides again.

I thanked Dick for his kindness and support because, yet again, he saved Rick's sorry hide. I owe you thanks, too. Sure am glad you don't give up on that 90% of idiots.

Joyce Standridge

JUNE 2010: Car and Track Wall Take The Hit - Driver Safe! click pic

Chris Woods Racing #03 Bandolero takes a huge "bite" out of the wall at CMS on June 7, 2010.

Nothing left straight on the car except the the LaJoie seat and the driver Ryan Mackintosh of Amherst, NS

BAM Racing
Keith Mackintosh

JUNE 2010: Much More Than The Perfect Fitting Race Seat

Your Comments: We had just bought our new Bandolero and we were recommended to Johnny at The Joie of Seating for racing safety equipment (Seat, Hybrid Restraint, Belts, etc). Johnny and Tammie were very helpful as they worked with my son Chase and I. They prepared the perfect Bandolero racecar seat for Chase and also worked through the install along with moving and adjusting the gas/brake pedals for him, they also completed the Hybrid restraint and Belts install as well.

We could not have been any more pleased - what a professionally run operation! Randy Lajoie should be proud of his staff, including his sons and the technicians that we also worked with in the shop! We will continue to spread the praise for the entire LaJoie team and will continue to send referrals your way! GREAT JOB GUYS

Wayne Heath
Aiken, SC

MAY 2010: The Perfect Fitting Race Seat

Hey Johnny, Thanks to The Joie of Seating team for a perfect fitting race seat. This is the key to driver click picconfidence when racing on the edge.

Austin still talks about our trip to North Carolina to meet your staff and get fitted for this years seat.

Thanks for having the Youth development program. This program allows a family race team like mine all the driver protection of the multi million dollar teams on a working man's race budget.

Thanks again.... You Guys are the Best!!

Alex Waldrop

click picMAY 2010:
Comfort ~ Value ~ Quality ~ Safety!

I want to thank you for the detailed information you provided me with when I purchased this great seat for my race car. The tips & advice on safety you gave me was very valuable! Thanks.

Robbie Favreau Renegade # 27
Airborne Speedway
Plattsburgh New York

click pic for enlarged view

MAY 2010: Another Race Car Crushed ~ Driver OK!
I just recently purchased a seat from you in January.

It was well worth it after an incident a week ago. I would just like to say Thank You to all you guys back at the shop for keeping me safe in the car! Check out the photo of the damage to my car.

Garett Goodwin
Goodwin Racing

MARCH 2010: #1 Reason to Buy LaJoie Seats – SAFETY!!!!

"Thought you might like to see how tough your seats really are! Thank you! Thank You! This was from a crash in #1 Reason to Buy LaJoie Seats – SAFETY!!!!Western Australia that he had, pinned him in the car upside down, helmet twisted, hans twisted across his neck, but I believe if that seat had not held him it would have been another outcome for him.

The seat bent a little, but kept the packed mud from completely pushing him down when it hit. He debated and debated about carrying it over with him, then decided to and checked it as baggage.

Something must have been telling him to take his "good" seat!"
Amy Swindell :)

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