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"Walked Away" Testimonials about The Joie of Seating Seats
Protected by a Custom Fitted Race Car Seat by The Joie of Seating, NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver
David Reutimann Walks Away
David Reutimann said: "I’m actually not feeling too bad, I’m just a little bit sore. My leg and ankle are banged up a little bit, but other than that really not a big deal at all. I’m feeling pretty well. The SAFETY of these cars has come a long way, and I’m grateful for that.”

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Got a LaJoie racing seat and have a "walked away" video clip of your crash?

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Please make sure you include the link to where it's posted already online (or attach video clip if the file size is under 25MB or less).

Provide also your name, car #, racing team plus other important details you'd like us to include.


I would like to personally thank you for all of your work with karting safety. I have attached a video link of a karting crash my son was in this weekend. The camera is mounted on my 8 year old's Jr. Champ Kart.

As you can see this was a wicked hit (SEE ''SLOMO'' 30 SECONDS INTO VIDEO), your seat and HALO, combined with a HANS device surely saved him from potential injury. His head definitely takes a beating in there and the HALO helped keep it in place.

We have been using your seats for the last 2 years now and as long as you are still making them we will never use anything else, no matter what type of vehicle he is competing in.

He did not have any injuries whats so ever, not a bump, bruise, scratch or even a headache. This occurred in a practice session. He finished after things were cleaned up and he finished second in his feature race! Once again thank you for great products!!

Brian Coe Sr.
PBI Racing

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