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The Safer System by The Joie of Seating
Race Seat Enhancements for Improved Racecar Driver Safety

The Safer System™ is NOT a seat designed by the Joie of Seating.  click pic Instead, it is a variety of additions that can be made to a driver's current "non-LaJoie" seat to make that seat even safer and... more like an actual Joie of Seating seat.

The Safer System™ works with almost any standard Butler, Richardson and Kirkey seat.  The bolt-on additions give added support, comfort and safety around the head area, as well as around the shoulders. 

The simple system makes any seat just that much safer and makes racing even more enjoyable.

(click pic to view series of Safer System™ photos)

So are you wondering...Does It Really Work?

SaferSystem Testimonial

Hey Randy,
I think im going to retire from testing your equipment if that's ok with you!!!!.

I was in a super at Oswego this weekend (JUNE 2008), my ride had a Kirkey seat in it, along with your Safer System.

As you can see from the pics, I do believe I am your "crash test dummy". They estimate I was going 135MPH when i hit the wall.

I was also wearing the new hybird head restraint, and it did its job as well. The G's I pulled were unbelievable, the chin strap on my Bell Dominator pulled the side off of my actually tore the carbon fiber.

Thanks again for building car racing safety equipment that works!

Joey Payne

click pic

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